Fister/Teeth – “Split” (Broken Limbs, 2016)


That’s the review. That single word is more-than-plenty when describing the audible assault that is known as Fister. If you have heard the band before, you know this to be true.

If you have never heard Fister, let me break it down for you. They are musically and emotionally heavy, somewhere between Iron Monkey, Eyehategod, and Grief.

Their half of this split (a single song called, “We All Die Tonight”) delivers the goods. It’s got the sludgy filth that we’ve come to expect from the band since their inception in 2009. A bit of melody seeps in there towards the end in the form of some melancholic clean guitars. Don’t be fooled though: this song is crushingly heavy.

The second half of the split has two songs from a band that I had never heard of: Teeth.

Their music is horrifying, much like the film that bears the same name. Y’know, the 2007 horror flick about a girl with teeth in her vagina. Yeah, like I said, it’s fucking horrifying.

They seamlessly meander through sludgy waters filled with death, doom, and rancid misery. No one would ever mistake their brand of metal as “easy listening.” Imagine the dissonance of Immolation crossed with the seething hatred of Eyehategod and you’re beginning to paint a pretty disgusting picture; that’s Teeth.

This is a miserable collaboration. It will drain you of your happiness, punch a hole through your chest, and shit inside of the gaping wound.

Punishing. Yeah, that’s the word that best describes it.

Get the 7″ split from Broken Limbs, here:


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