Daylight Dies – “A Frail Becoming” (Candlelight Records, 2012)

Melodic death/doom metal giants DAYLIGHT DIES have returned with a new record chock full of beautiful misery. Admittedly, I have not kept up with the band, having not listened to them since the release of their 2006 masterpiece “Dismantling Devotion,” but I was so grateful when my buddy gave me this, their new record, last night.

If you’ve heard the band then you know what to expect with this new record, nothing has changed drastically, only improved upon. If you’ve not heard the band, I’d point to older KATATONIA, NOVEMBERS DOOM, OCTOBER TIDE, and SWALLOW THE SUN as the closest relatives. DAYLIGHT DIES’ form of doom is a mix of chugging distorted guitars, guttural death growls, occasional clean vocals, soaring leads, and beautiful, epic guitar harmonies. This is doom metal for men (and women!) who aren’t opposed to having a good cry once in awhile.

Comparing this to past releases, the biggest thing I noticed was an increase of chugging, groovy rhythm guitars, making for an overall heavier album — you can head bang whilst you shed tears into your devil-horned hands. Of particular note is the single (for which they have a fitting music video) “Dreaming of Breathing,” which is a wicked banger.

Of course, this isn’t reinventing the wheel, there are more than a handful of bands that are playing this sort of doom these days, and DAYLIGHT DIES aren’t doing anything totally unique to separate themselves. BUT, their execution, production, and songwriting are perfect, making them one of the best of the genre.

So if you’re in the mood to sob like a little bitch while you drive home in a December snowstorm, I’d recommend popping “A Frail Becoming” into your car’s CD player, or if you’re a total pussy you could just listen to a DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL album. Let’s hope you choose option #1.


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