Sorrow – “Hatred and Disgust” (Roadrunner Records, 1992)

There are so many great doom metal records (records of all genres for that matter!) that were forgotten with time, but thanks to the Internet are being remembered, and reveled. One of these records would be the absolutely crushing record “Hatred and Disgust” by the NYC death/doom metal band SORROW. Released in 1992 on Roadrunner Records (yeah, the same label that brought us NICKELBACK) “Hatred and Disgust” went largely unnoticed, and it would be the only album that SORROW would release.

The music on this record is death metal played at a sluggishly, crushing pace, with guttural, cookie monster growls, and ripping guitar solos. Honestly, it’s one of the fucking heaviest records I have ever heard. Imagine SLAYER or DEATH being played at halfspeed and you have SORROW. The perfect soundtrack for slaughtering a church full of nuns… errr, or for bench pressing 120 lbs in the weight room (which is precisely what I use this tape for).

Search this motherfucker out on eBay. I bought it on cassette for less than 5 bucks, and I’ve seen CD copies go for around 15 bucks. It’s worth whatever you have to pay to hear this motherfucker growl “Kill Jesus Christ! Spit at the church!” over a massive, destructive chug riff in the song “Human Error.” Seriously, buy this record.


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