Flower Travellin’ Band – “Satori” (Atlantic Records, 1971)

To me this record is the quintessential psychedelic doom metal record. Japan’s answer to BLACK SABBATH, the FLOWER TRAVELLIN’ BAND never made a huge name for themselves like some of their other brethren. But years later, their debut album “Satori” is still blowing minds in the underground music scene, thanks to file sharing and the Internet. Comparable to a far east BLACK SABBATH on a wicked, acid trip in hell, “Satori” features heavy, fuzzed-to-fuck guitar riffs, Oriental melodies, droning rhythms, and vocals that sound like Robert Plant screaming in the shower. I never grow tired of listening to this record, and I place it up there with BLACK SABBATH’s first six records. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It was recently re-released on vinyl, and CD. Sell some sperm, and buy this damn thing. It’s worth every last tug on your dick.



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