Horisont – “Tva Sidor Av Horisonten” (Crusher Records, 2009)

Dual guitar riff wizardry that reeks of bong-resin, with a vintage sound older sounding than the sounds of the pioneers themselves, HORISONT play retro, stoner rock and hail from Sweden (duh!). What other bands hail from Sweden and play retro rock? WITCHCRAFT and GRAVEYARD. And HORISONT essentially sounds like a combination of the two, particularly GRAVEYARD. However, I personally find HORISONT’s songwriting and riffs to be a bit catchier than GRAVEYARD’s, and I find myself humming them throughout the day, especially opener “Nightrider” and “The Unseen.” The one flaw with the band would be the vocalist, who has a tendency to sound a bit grating and whiny on occasion, like Ozzy Osbourne trying to imitate Robert Plant. However, for the most part I’d say that this record is a scorcher, and is on par with the last two GRAVEYARD records. Apparently they have a new record, which I have not heard, but with any luck they’ve kicked up the vocal delivery a notch, and kept the riffage wicked.



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